• Sam Hacking

When labels stick out of your clothes

Cool breezes on a hot days.

Reflective sunglasses show your face on someone elses.

A BBQ on top of a boat.

Perfectly timed exhale of a runner passing by, you inhale their breath.

The deafening song of a colony of tree sparrows.

Some peoples faces were made to be photographed.

Old gas works.

When you hug people and end up smelling of their perfume.

Power walkers.

A barking beagle.

A man sings “I do not like your eggs”

Broadway Market.

The comforting sound of a waterfall.

Yoga in the middle of the loch.

Stink of weed.

A canal boat with a trillion plant pots on top of it.

Padded bras vs unpadded.

Caps on backwards.

‘Permit Holders Only’

A bike without a wheel.

A grinning Bull Mastiff.

Whenever cyclists ping their bells at me, I want to push them in the river.

Labels that stick out of clothes.