• Sam Hacking

The Green Mile

Bird shit peppers pavements

Apples crunch underfoot or in mouth.

Lone runner bean on floor

Metal skin stretching over cars.

Fluff caught in a hobbling pigeons foot.

My head is always quiet after I do exercise.

Red Bull can impaled on fence,

‘The Green Mile’ in Hackney.

A morse code tinnitus in right ear

Footsteps behind me, scuff of shoes on floor.

Broken glass, city sea shells on the floor.

A Bullfinch's single piercing note

a typewriter clacks behind closed doors.

The canal water by the lock is overflowing with rubbish,

a clogged artery of the river.

The smell of wood fires burning on canal boats.

Seagull shadows soar across the walls of a warehouse

To live on the river.

A piece of cut blue cord

Cut cord.

Two coots swimming,

Their white head stripes, are lighthouses above black rocks.