• Sam Hacking


Fluffy pancakes, sweet and soft.

Sink toes into earth and drink up.

Open mouth to sky

Collecting moisture to stem the drought.

Shaking fires and marshmallows on sticks.

Space is a frozen cut to slip into,

Sometimes when people laugh it sounds like they're crying.

A folded crisp packet in a triangle,

The machine gun call of a magpie.

Naked winter branches

Bleed parakeets, emerald bullets.

Ducks bob upside down in lakes,

Rain sits heavy.

Tiny blue tits squeak,

Leaves pepper the floor,

Crows shift beaks shoving them side to side.

An advert in Gumtree for a lady in her 60’s, saying she was lonely and was looking for a companion to visit her 3 times a week for dinner. £15 an hour to make someone feel less lonely.

They feed oats to pigs.