• Sam Hacking

Leopard Print Coat

Trees hard in winter, skinny rakes poking the sky.

A black and white cat looking for rats.

Wood pigeon noises.

Weeds grow in-between.

Loud heels on pavements,

Sun spots in my eye.

There is a lady wearing a leopard print coat, to salute the wild.

Grey pigeons in purple shimmery collars.

Other languages in the street.

People tag walls to try and feel part of something.

A red helicopter in sky.

A paper lampshade and blue surgical glove.

A Robin means death if it lands on you.

Lone Coot.

A magpie sits on terracotta chimney, in blue air.

Walking over 3 drains is bad luck.

Everything is waiting or sleeping.

Abandoned bike swallowed by brambles.

Seagulls scream.

Zebra crossings reflect Zebras, which is nice.

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