• Sam Hacking

I don't mind giving way to a Labrador

Could I defend myself with a pen if attacked?

The sad noise of coot chicks, fishing cats.

Stress stamped on faces

Four red cranes point upwards.

Eight people wear Panama hats on Kingsland road

Furtive glances.

I don’t mind giving way to a Labrador

A bumble bee on floor.

Drunk men kick a Fanta can,

A gold skirt and takeaway coffee cups.

A girl dances on a boat, feather in hair


Wooden shutters of Islington

Slap your bum pocket see if anythings in it.

Going cold turkey

A lady just bent over and the wind blew her skirt over head.


Quorn sausages.

A strong Irish accent

Rust bubbles in white paint, the bridge looks like it has pox.

Egyptian geese

A little girl dressed as ladybird.

A man just climbed up a wall with two bin bags full of bottles.

Wild flowers grow out of bricks.