• Sam Hacking

A hill that hurts the knees

Gravel path and gate

Gate swing, gate bang, gate click

Birds chat in hedges lining path

Cold wind, cloud sky.

A hill that hurts the knees.

Wooded vale after field, path littered nettles, ouch

Wild flowers.

A fat hairy caterpillar

A Common Woodland Butterfly.

I'm wearing bright pink trainers for safety,

if I fall off a cliff then they’ll see me.

A White throat

Gulls riding fast winds,

Goldfinch army

The warning rumble of Blackbird.

Chiff Chaff is a great name

Clifftops and vertical drops

Guillemots in the sea.

A female Stonechat barks on a post

I look to the water, hoping for seals or whales.

I haven't seen anyone for 3 hours.

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